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  so i was talking on a thread when the subject of sodomy came up. Someone said that anal sex is always a mortal sin intrinsically evil. But i distinctly remember discussing the issue back in collage when i was in the catholic student association, and one of my peers (a knowledgeable and devout catholic) mentioned that anal sex is ok as long as it is used as marital foreplay and as long as. Catholic theology of sexuality, like catholic theology in general, is drawn from natural law, canonical scripture, divine revelation, and sacred tradition, as interpreted authoritatively by the magisterium of the catholic church. Sexual morality evaluates sexual behavior according to standards laid out by catholic moral theology, and often provides general principles by which catholics are. Sodomy was considered a crime and defined as non-procreative sexual practices that included masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex. Unnatural sexual acts (oral sex, anal sex, and manipulative sex,. But divorce can sometimes be a serious sin, depending on the intention and the circumstances. A divorced catholic should consult with his pastor or his confessor about whether or not he has sinned by getting a divorce.). The catholic church teaches that it is a grave sin to deliberately separate sexuality from procreation, because the latter is its most essential purpose. Curran stated the fathers of the church are practically silent on the simple. It adopted an opinion restricting a prior prohibition on homosexual conduct to male-male anal sex only, which it declared to be the only biblical.   she is the author of smart sex finding life-long love in a hook-up world (2005), love and economics why the laissez-faire family doesnt work (2001), recently reissued in paperback, and love and. The bible doesnt make it clear whether men and women can indulge in anal sex, though it does take a dim view of sodomy between men. Using your example of oral sex, most catholic moralists agree (some do not, but reasonable minds can differ on non-definitive matters), that oral sex is licit as a form of foreplay.

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